HOPE 2022 Resources

“ActivityPub: past, present, future” - Keynote by Christine Lemmer Webber

ActivityPub Conference 2020 opening keynote: The ActivityPub Panel

An Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon


spritely / OcapPub · GitLab

The Presentation of Self on a Decentralised Web

Cory Doctorow- So You’ve Decided to Unfollow Me


The presentation is written in markdown using Obsidian Advanced Tables syntax. It’s available here.

I’ll add a link to the video recording when it goes live.

Next Steps / What Can I Do?

Join the Fediverse! Here’s an instance finder: https://www.fediverse.to/

If you want to help the Fedi community build the future, start by checking out the links above. Spritely is a great organization doing a lot of interesting work.

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